Is homeopathy merely psychological ?

If you think you must “believe in” homeopathy for it to work, you need to know that it is not a placebo effect. Here are some powerful examples: WHO has pronounced Homeopathy as the world’s second largest leading medical system for primary healthcare. Englands Royal family is among Homeopath’s strongest supporter. In Britain Homeopath is on the National Health system and 45% of all British doctors do not hesitate to refer their patients to a homeopath Millions of people across the world use and rely on homeopathic remedies. Today there are a rapidly growing number of conventional medical doctors using homeopathic medicines, including:

  • 45 % British conventional physician
  • 39% of French family physicians
  • 20% of German physicians
  • 10% of Italian physicians

Moreover, in many European countries there is a growing trend of medical doctors referring patients to homeopathic physicians.