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Your skin can be indication whether your health is good or bad. Usually when you are not well, your skin will send out that message. Flushed cheeks will show that there is a fever in the body. If you don’t get enough sleep, there may be circles under your eyes. If you are very frightened, your face will become pale.

Skin over the ages

AgesSkin Diseases / Conditions
20sAcne, pimple, Acne vulgaris
30sWrinkles, Stretch mark, Mild adult acne
40sAge spot, more wrinkle, Pigmentation
50sThinning skin, Increases facial hair
60sAging warts, Broken blood vessel

Skin treatments are available for;

• Acne• Psoriasis • Eczema • Urticarea / Hives• White Patches/ Leucoderma / Vitiligo • Tinea versicolor • Warts • Atopic dermatitis • Lichen Planus • Pigmentary Disorders • Fungus infections • Skin allergic disorders • Herpes • Lupus and other collagen diseases • Dandruff

Homeoapthy & Skin Remedies

Homeopathic medicines unlike antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitics or anti-virals do not target causative organisms. They boost the immune system of the body to fight and overpower them.Homeopathy on other hand considers all symptoms, however superficial to be manifestations of some sort of inner disorder. Homeopathy recognizes the need to heal mind, body and spirit and paying attention to all the patient’s symptoms Homeopathic remedies not only remove the complaint but also the tendency of the complaint to recur.

Along with homeopathic medication, use of supporting latest international phototherapy equipment is also useful in skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo. But it has to be complimented by medication.

Specialty Skin Treatments Available

Acne & Scarring

acne , pimple , acne scarr, skin treatmnet

Acne is one of the most common skin complaint, can present as small red eruptions to bid pus filled cysts. They usually heal with dark spots and scars. Whether a teenager or elderly , everybody wants a flawless face without acne.Even with the most careful and conscientious treatment, acne scars may still occur.

Severe nodular and cystic acne as well as pricking of acne may result in acne scarring. Each acne lesion has the natural ability to heal itself. Every pimple results in loss or formation of tissues. The loss of tissue results in milder scars, while formation of new, thicker tissue can result in more severe scars. 

Anti Aging / Skin Rejuvenation

 Acne scars, Aging skin, Scars, skin Sagging, Wrinkles

Mostly done on people who show signs of ageing or are above their 30s. This works on the ideology of collagen remodelling which is the building block of our skin. It removes the outer tan (pigmentation), dead skin, open pores and renews elastic tissues. Along with homeopathic medicines Dr Renges TOTAL clinic uses modern use Bio-Light with homeopathic tinctures which acts on the deeper parts of the skin’s layers, removing fine lines, bringing in evenness in the skin tone and lightening the complexion. It also treats acne, acne scars in , skin taning, pigmentation cases.

Skin Whitening Therapy

Exposure to sunlight, freckles, acne and several other skin diseases are responsible for making the skin look dull and discolored. In the modern times, people are becoming more and more conscious to look good and keep on trying several natural skin care products or skin whitening creams to enhance their glow. One hardly explores a homeopathy for achieving permanent clear skin and a perfect glow that can actually last for years.

Say goodbye to those OTC skin care products that usually over promise and deliver temporary results with non avoiding side effects. Give a renowned Dr Renge’s TOTAL Clinic in Nagpur, a try and you would surely become its huge fan.

Skin Whitening Procedures are individuals based and varies from person to person depends upon skin condition, texture of skin, lifestyle, diet.

Below are the broadly mentioned procedure we do at total clinic:

Skin & Phototherapy

Skin Phototherapy
Skin Phototherapy

Phototherapy, or light therapy, is a form of treatment for skin conditions using artificial light wavelengths from the ultraviolet (blue light) part of the sun’s spectrum. In this way, light of certain wavelengths can be delivered with a higher intensity. Ultraviolet light induces biologic reactions in the skin’s cells that decrease the number of skin cells that grow too quickly and kills T-cells in the skin, which can result in the clearing of skin ailments. The treatment involves exposing affected skin to wavelengths of ultraviolet light for a set length of time or a regular schedule.

Skin & Phototherapy - 2
Skin and Phototherapy – 2

Skin Specialist in Nagpur

Dr. Renge’s Total Clinic is the best Skin Specialist in Nagpur with modern facilities. Advanced Skin Clinic in Nagpur to solve all your skin problems. You should not take chances with your skin. Our team of experts evaluate patient’s skin condition and appearance and discuss available treatments and determine which products will improve the skin quality. Our Skin specialists in Nagpur provide facials, full-body treatments, create daily skin care routines, head and neck massages to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Our skin experts demonstrate how to clean and care for skin properly and determines which products or colors will improve the skin quality and appearance. Reach to our skin specialists team in Nagpur for best Skin Consultation.

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