Open pores refer to large pores on the skin ,in an effort to achieve perfect skin many people try to get rid of their pores.The appearance of pores which are a natural part of the skin can be reduced by our pore tightening treatment.

Large pores are noticeable to naked eyes the size of pores may vary depending upon the type of skin because of excess secretion of sebum.

Open pores increases with acne,blackheads,poor skin care routine,genetic ,sun damage and stress to skin with pollution or smoking.

Size of open pores is attributed to size of oil glands and hair follicles.pores cannot be forced to close,disappear or shrink overnight but pore tightening treatments done at clinic like clear lift and peels would be helpful. certain pore refiner creams also help in shrinking the size of the pores.

We use multiple therapeutic procedures for open pores to get better results

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