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List of Foods too Avoid

Can have once o week. Reduce Quantity & Frequency if you cannot stop.

1. Mutton, Red Meat, Fish Fry Tandoor Chicken. Two piece cooked without frying avold gravy.

2. Coconut gravry, groundnuts or peanuts, excess potato, pasta & noodles.

3. Fried Foods – Wada, Samosa, Puri, Papad, Dosas, Chips etc

4. Sugar Foods – Chocolates, Pastries, cakes, ice-cream, sweets, desserts etc.

5. Bakery Foods- Biscuits, Toasts, Khari, puffs, patties, rolls, croissants, doughnuts, cakes.

6. Chinese Foods – Agino Moto or Chinese salt is bad for hair.

7: Fast Foods- Ptzzas, Burgers, Canned foods.

8. Colas, Coke, Pepsi, Soft Drinks & all kind of juices

9. Strictly NO SMOKING.

List of Foods to Add in Your Diet

1. Dry Beans like Rajma, Black Beans, Yellow Beans, Kidney Eeang- lrrice a week.

2. Mushroom, Paneer ( Cottage Cheese), Chola (Chick peas), Soya, Tofu- eachinidi’Gek. – –

3. Green Beans – 2 times a week, like Gavar, Chawli, Wal, Papdi, Ghewda, French Beans, BroadBeans, String Beans.

4. Raw Salads – Radish, Beet Root, Carrot, Cucumber, Tomato etc. cut and add salt, pepper, a dash of lime, no mayonnaise, no salad dressing, no sauce.

5. Steamed Sprouts – 2 times a week.

6. Green Leafy Vegetable – 2 times a week.

7. 4 Walnuts/ 4 Almonds on alternate days.

8. 1 glass of milk per day or a bowl of curd or yogurt.

9. 1 spoon of ghee per day or 1 slice of cheese per day.

10. 2 fresh fruits per day -cut & eat, with the fruit skin- no juice.!

11 10-12 Glasses of water per day, especially while flying or in night shift.

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