Does the hair transplant procedure hurt?
Patients are given local anesthesia in the donor and recipient areas. Most patients find that once the anesthesia is given that they feel no pain or discomfort during the surgery. Following surgery patients will typically feel some amount numbness, with some mild discomfort.

How does hair transplantation work?
Hair transplantation is about transplanting the bald resistant hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas on the top of the head.

Are the results permanent?
Since the hair follicles that are transplanted to the balding areas are genetically resistant to going bald, they will continue to grow for a life.

Will my hair transplant results look completely natural?
Hair transplantation, when done with Advanced way, can be so natural that even your hair stylist will not know that you’ve had it done. The state of art hair transplantation procedure that we recommend is called “Advanced FUE Hair Transplant”. Results will vary according to the type of hair, extent of baldness and the amount of hair available in the donor area and other kind of any specific individual variables.

How much time does hair transplant procedure required?
Hair transplantation are purely a day care procedure; there is no need for any stay in a hospital for the same. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for baldness; it is your own hair which is “distributed in a specific pattern across your scalp by means of a surgical procedure in 1 or 2 sessions

What is the cost of procedure?
The cost of the procedure is most calculated with respect to the number hair grafts that are transplanted. A graft of hair usually contains about 1 to 5 strands of hair.