Foods to avoid

When modifying your "hair" diet, you may want to cut your intake of these foods by at least half since they can prevent the absorption of Vitamins B, Iron & zinc.

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Black Tea
  • Sugar

  • Dr.Renge's TOTAL Baldness Curability Test is a Mathematical tool based on probability of curability with homeopathic medicine based on Dr Sangita Renge ( BHMS, MD, DCR) 12 years of medical experience.
  • The test questionnaires are based on common causes of hair loss, does not include individuals reason of hair loss.
  • This test has its own limitation and does guaranty accurate diagnosis & result.
  • This test findings & suggestions are not substitute to personal consultation and professional advice from qualified practitioners.
  • Results of treatments may vary from individual to individual

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