Hair Loss, Hair grow, hair treatment


Computerized analysis of hair is an easily applied, non-invasive, convenient repeatable method of hair evaluation. It is done using non-invasive instrument called trichoscope for all scalp related problems. To get a tailor made treatment protocol for hair loss of each individual we perform computerized hair analysis before starting any treatment at our center.

It helps for:

  •  Type of hair loss can be determined.
  • Accurate diagnosis of hair loss.
  • Degree of hair loss can be measured.
  • Hair density can be calculated.
  • Thickness of hair can be examined.
  • Anagen and telogen hair rate in measurable phases.
  • Infections over the scalp can be detected in early phases.
  • Dandruff can be evaluated.
  • Can differentiate between cicatricial (non-reversible) and non cicatricial (reversible).
  • Diagnosis of scalp psoriasis