A baby and child’s development is amazingly fast and full of magical moments. As they grow their unique personalities develop – some face life confident and bold, others with a degree of caution and shyness. Some get ill from time to time and others seem to “catch all that is going around”. With concern about making the right decision to help your child’s development, homeopathy is well placed to offer safe, gentle and effective solutions for your child’s health– physically, mentally and emotionally.
Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children, because the majority of the pediatric diseases can be supported with homeopathy very effectively, quickly and with absolutely no side effects.

Unlike antibiotics and other medicines, homeopathic remedies do not damage the digestion and do not affect the immune system, do not cause allergies or other adverse effects, even when they have been taken for a long time.

Children tend to be more sensitive, often responding faster to homeopathy than adults. Homeopathy is extremely effective for all sorts of children’s complaints. Homeopathy is quick acting and brings back the healthy state in the quickest possible manner.
Childhood is the ideal time to introduce your child to homeopathy as the immune system is developing. Not only can it help when your child is ill, it can also help boost their immune system making them less susceptible to illness and infection. All children are continuously exposed to bacteria and viruses, but a child with a strong immune system tends to “bounce back” quickly after an illness. Conversely, a child with a weakened immune system can be more vulnerable to colds, flu or more serious illnesses.
Early life problems such as colic, teething, nappy rash and sleeplessness all respond well to homeopathic medicines. It can also help with demanding babies who appear to be clingy, discontented, bad tempered or nervous.

Later childhood illnesses such as allergies, ear, nose and throat infections or worrying emotional states like anxiety, anger, or low confidence respond well to homeopathy. It can also help with situations were a child faces stress or upheaval. For example the arrival of a new baby in the family, the first day at school, moving house, grief or divorce.

Homeopathy for children can be separated into two categories: self-limiting, acute conditions such as colds, sore throats, and stomach flu, or persistent, chronic conditions such as allergies and eczema. Homeopathic remedies are helpful in supporting both categories.

Acute Symptoms:

First, the acutes. For simple illnesses, parents can often learn to treat symptoms at home. Homeopathic remedies will stimulate a healing reaction, encouraging the body to fight off an infection.

Chronic symptoms:

These require consultation with a well-trained homeopathic practitioner. The most common reasons to consult a homeopath are allergies, asthma, eczema, recurrent respiratory or ear infections, and behavior or attention problems. Homeopathy has earned a tremendous reputation in supporting children with these conditions.

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