The Consultation Process
An online homeopathic consultation offers an excellent facility for those who cannot travel to visit us & is ideal for busy people. There is no need for you to take time off work, as the confidential assessment form is available online & you can complete it at your convenience. You can do this at home or even at the office.
A free consultation is the first stage of the process, and is specially designed to provide you with information and answers to all your questions, prior to starting your treatment plan. The purpose of the consultation is to help you plan your treatment to suit your specific requirements
No doubt all of you may feel anxious before your initial consultation & it is common across all patients.
The purpose of your initial consultation is to assess the extent of problems you are suffering with, to discuss the outcome you wish to achieve, and to answer all your questions about our techniques, time required & treatment plan.
You pay when you have completed the form. It is less personal than a face to face appointment, but some people find that reassuring. It can be easier to discuss difficult subjects this way.
Although your required information will be on the confidential form, you may also email any extra information, questions.
I provide full email or skype support if required, or until the next consultation if that is sooner.

Online Homeopathic Consultation Includes:

  • A sympathetic, in-depth health assessment of your health history.
  • An individually selected homeopathic medicne.
  • Additional detailed suggestions for your good health, such as dietary advice, vitamins or supplements.
  • Full safety information for all remedies and supplements, including drug interactions.
  • No travel or parking problems with your appointment.
  • Full email & online interaction ( if needed)support.
  • Reminder of due date for follow-up consultation, usually in 4-6 weeks.
  • Excellent value!

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