Beard and Moustaches Transplant


Facial Transplant Treatment in Nagpur

The Hair Fall has a major concern between the people today. Beard & Moustaches Hair Transplant is typically performed on men who have spotty, patchy areas in their moustaches & beard. Men considered bread, moustaches as fashion statements are very protective about their beard. Also, some men feel beard as good substitute to hide acne scars or help de-emphasize certain facial features. Some men with small or recessed chins will sometimes use a beard to enhance their features. So we can say that beard is an important part of men. We pride to recognize as one of the specialized Beard & Moustaches Transplant Treatment centre in Nagpur.

Our vision is to provide the best solution forFacial Hair Transplant i.e. moustaches &beard transplant that suits your face, personality & make you feel wonderful. Our Hair Specialist completed the beard & moustaches transplant in 2-4 hours. Nowadays, facial hair transplant like Beard & Moustache hair transplant is growing in popularity. Men from worldwide are very keen to have maintained beard & moustaches which is one of the status symbols for them.

Dr.Renges Total clinic offers customize Beard &Moustaches Transplantation plan for each patient, in order to provide personalized Beard & Moustaches transplant completely aligned with the patient, facial characteristics, age & style. In some case combination of methods is needed in order to achieve a perfect result. Dr.Renges Total clinic provide advance Beard & Moustaches transplant technique at an affordable price. Our hair expert team is available to solve all your quires & give you a best possible solution.