Anti Dandruff Treatment:

Dandruff is one of the most common enemies of self confidence. It’s unpleasant, embarrassing, and itchy. It can keep people and family away from you and can make you spend a fortune on over the counter shampoos, lotions, and other natural remedies.

Why Our Clinic:

Since dandruff has numerous reasons to arise, the doctor needs spot on diagnosis for treatment. Our team of docotrd get this right all the time. Holistic treatment for dandruff caused due to metabolic and dietary disorders. Perfect prescriptions and medication for dandruff caused due to microorganisms.

Dr Renges TOTAL Clinic Anti Dandruff Therapy consists of 3 steps

  1. High Frequency (Ozone Therapy)
  2. Hair Nourishment Therapy
  3. Homeopathy Medication 

    Ozone Therapy
    Ozone Therapy
  • Ozone treatment empowers the hair follicles, invigorate multiplication of the cell, the cell being encouraged expansions .
  • Controls Dandruff.
  • It will quicken hair development, hair follicles development stage longer, shorter resting stage .
  • The increased  blood flow will transport oxygen and supplements to the follicles to start hair development
  • Oxygen supply to hair roots helpsin disinfection of microorganisms, gives Sterilization impacts.
  • Reduce Inflammation.
  • Controls male pattern baldness and recovery existing hair.
  • Thicken existing flimsy and frail hair and enhance the composition of hair.
  • Increases the creation of oxygen radicals which results in clearer scalp.

Hair Nourishment Therapy

Hair Nourishing Therapy
Hair Nourishing Therapy

Nourishment is very important aspects of our health and hair. We identity the reason of your lifeless hair, and we treat and nourish them from the inside out by providing vitamins and nutrients, protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids & healthy moisture balance in your hair. With this therapy you will get back the vitality of your hair and you will experience the shiny, beautiful and bouncy hair.