The first appointment with Dr Sangita usually lasts half an hour to an hour & she might do a physical examination where necessary; however, most of the interview is verbal. During the first interview, the main objective is to understand the patient and his/her symptoms in totality– mental, emotional, and physical.In taking your case, she looks for symptoms in your body and also gives equal importance to your nature, your feeling and reactions, your dreams, etc.

In Homeopathy, each patient is regarded as a sum of his symptoms and his innermost feelings. Since the aim is to understand each person as an individual, sher looks for things that are most individualistic of the person. In order to properly gather complete information and determine the right remedy, Dr Sangita is likely to ask you number of questions related to your symptoms, general health, likes and dislikes, family history, mental and emotional make up, sleep, dreams etc. Collection of this information gives the knowledge of your personality. This helps to select a precise remedy.

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