Dr Renge’s TOTAL Clinic is central india’s first dedicated clinic for Allergy , Skin & Hair along with many other diseases. It is owned by Dr Sangita Renge ( BHMS, MD, DCR,PGDCC) & has been practicing since 2001 and most experienced modern day homeopaths & clinical cosmetologist .

As a homeopathic health practitioner she has been assisting people and families with a wide range of medical conditions for more than ten years. She has also lectured in homeopathy colleges for most of this time and has helped train many of the younger generation of practitioners.

 You may read more about Dr Sangita Renge ( BHMS, MD, DCR,PGDCC) and her philosophy of treatment, on the Profile page.

Dr Renge’s TOTAL clinic is a general practice. While this means that most health problems are dealt with, there are some areas of expertise like allergies skin, hair, weigh loss & obesity. You will understand these if you explore the page Ailments, which has links to many other pages on specific conditions.

In the philosophy of this clinic, we cannot treat a problem as if it is separate from the person as a whole. It is people who are treated; and as a result, their complaints are improved.

In every case, the focus is always on the individual, regardless of the diagnosis or the name of the disease. This is the most basic difference between our approach and that of orthodox medicine.

Homoeopathy & Cosmetics Clinic
A Dedicated Clinic for Allergy Skin Hair & Obesity

As a homeopath with more than 10 years’ experience, Dr Sangita Renge “knows what works”. She applies principles of health, lifestyle, diet and stress management alongside homeopathic medicine accurately prescribed to the individual as a whole.

Even though our philosophy is so different to orthodox medicine, we understand the importance of medical investigations to diagnose serious conditions, as a safety net for our clients, and in surgical emergencies.

 Treatment with homeopathy at Dr Renge’s TOTAL Clinic can be effective for most conditions, both acute and chronic.  Full list of Ailments.

As treatment consists of low dose medicines that are palatable and entirely safe, all age groups are catered for, including babies, pregnant women, children and the elderly. In fact children are the largest single age group seen – and they all love taking homeopathic medicine! It is a family practice and often whole family groups are treated.

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